Physical Access

Physical/Perimeter Access control is same as Access Control but can be termed as the first and second ring of security and access control in a high or medium secured building or property, where the entry of people and vehicles to the premises is not only restricted but controlled with high security and allowed only with complete approval from the AHJ or allow entry only to vehicles and people having prior approval from AHJ. This is an extended system which enables you to control entry to your building, an physical access control system in the physical structure of security is normally seen as the first & second layer of security.

There are various systems available under Physical Access Control & Security, like Perimeter Fencing, Automated Gates, Bollards, Boom Barriers, Tyre Killers, Road Blockers, Flap Barriers, Turnstiles, UVSS etc.. all the above systems are available in different ratings to meet the right demand of the site and security requirements of the site.

The above systems can be integrated with other Security Systems to form a formidable integrated security system for the premises. The integration can also ensure smooth, error minimised and fast operation of the whole system, integration options could be ANPR, UVSS, CCTV linked operations of Bollards/Boom.

We at Nexus can help you put up a complete Security System that can meet all your expectations and also fulfil the security of the Building or Property.

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