People Counter for Retail Industry

Know the exact number of visitors, those turned into buyers and the optimal number of staff to your customer ratio.

People Counter for Shopping Malls

Increase the efficiency of different areas by measuring the performance of your entrances, hallways and other key spaces.

People Counter for Supermarkets

Analyze how shoppers move in your supermarket aisles to create the optimal shopping experience and create loyalty.

People Counter for Airports

Discover how travelers flow through security checks, counters and duty frees and use this data for effectiveness and efficiency.

People Counter for Smart Buildings

Manage and optimize your energy usage and operational costs for your smart buildings with people counting.

People Counter for Events & Exhibitions

Observe and analyze if your trade fair and expo activities have a positive return on your marketing investment.

People Counter for Libraries & Museums

Justify your needs to receive government funding with accurate people counting data.

People Counter for Hotels & Restaurants

Know the number of your customers in your hotels and restaurants. Align your cleaning and other staff according to your customers’ demands.

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